Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oct 3, 2009, There are 1,981 bottles in the BBHOF

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The BBHOF Newsletter: 90% of the Truth 90% of the Time!

Hi! How you doing? Long time no write. Had a busy season in the garden plus had my meds readjusted. So it has been three months since my last confession. Lots of new beers so let’s get right to them

*All new beers listed below are links that open up to that brewery's website....** For non-computer people (Old Fogies) like myself that means if you click on the underlined words stuff will happen!

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Beer of the Month from Katherine Elizabeth and her parents in VA. From Metropolitan Brewing in Chicago, IL. a Flywheel Bright Lager. From Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, IL. a Over Ale. From Flying Dog Brewing in Denver, CO. a Kerb Dog Tripel Tire Biter Ale. From Boulder Beer Co. in Bolder, CO. a Flash Back Anniversary Ale. From Diamond Bear Brewing in Little Rock, AK. a IPA and a Porter. From Florida Beer Co. in Melbourne, FL. a Key West Golden Lager and a Hurricane Pale Ale. From Tallgrass Brewing in Manhattan, KA. a IPA and a Ale. From Buzzards Bay Brewing in Westport, MA. a Limited Altbier and a Black Lager. That’s three months of beer from the Dailey’s of Arlington. Well done!

Faithful readers will have noticed that the Obamlot count up has been removed from the masthead of the BBHOF newsletter. We here have an uneasy feeling about the way things are going. Young Americans are still dying in the Mid East for no discernable cause. If we are to be against war when the other party’s bastards are running things than we are still against it when our bastards are running it. We know, we may be quick on the draw after only 8 months, but we did vote for change. We are not condemning our man, just stating an uneasy feeling.

Cousin Delores returned from California with the following. From Island Brewing Company in Santa Barbara, CA.  A Tropical Lager and a Jubilee Ale. From Indian Wells Brewing in Inyokern CA. An Orange Blossom Amber and a Mojave Gold. Always glad to welcome new donors to the BBHOF. That’s 4 more beers than a couple of long time members have contributed.

The winter home of the BBHOF will be in Sarasota, FL. come January. The Baltimore Orioles have moved their Spring Training site across the state. We received a letter inviting us to join them. I called Maureen our boss and asked if Laura the spaced out big boss had forgiven my transgressions from last year. Maureen responded “The dizzy bitch cannot remember what she had for breakfast”. So the beat goes on in South Florida. Maureen says no details available, stay tuned.

Ed and Barbara Flanagan returned from Arizona with the following. From Four Peaks Brewing in Tempe, AZ. an 8th Street Ale and from Sonoran Brewing in Scottsdale, AZ a Cordillera Blanca White Chocolate Ale. White Chocolate and Beer together! A match made in heaven, or Arizona depending on your religious beliefs, if any.

We spent last week in Oregon and returned with the following. From Henry Weinhard’s Brewing in Hood River, OR. a Classic Dark Lager, a Blue Boar Pale Ale, a Belgian Style Wheat and a Heffeweizen. From Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR. a Black Butte Porter and a Twilight Seasonal Ale. From Bridgeport Brewing in Portland, OR. an IPA. From Widmere Brothers in Portland, OR. a Broken Halo IPA. From Mt. Shasta Brewing in Weed, CA. a Weed Golden Ale and a Weed Amber. Their motto is “Buy Legal Weed”. From Fish Brewing in Olympia, WA a Fishtail Organic IPA. a Fishtail Organic Amber, a Fishtail Organic Wild Salmon Pale Ale and a Blond Ale.

For those of you keeping score at home that’s 1,981 bottles in the BBHOF. I have set a Goal of 2,000 bottles by the new year. I think I may be able to force down 19 beers in 3 Months. The tough part is procuring 19 new inductees. So I turn to my fellow members of the BBHOF who have been supportive in the past. If you send this to 7 friends and they send it to 7 friends then I will be showered with new beers and you shall be protected from the pox and scaly demons for another year. Thank you for your support.

I must go know to make room on the walls of the BBHOF for the final 19.

Enjoy The Electric Mayhem Band

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