Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010, There are 2,055 bottles in the BBHOF

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The BBHOF Newsletter: 90% of the Truth 90% of the Time!

Hi! How you doing? Arrived back in RI Monday after a fine weekend in Arlington, VA. Arrived there Fri. April 2nd, out to dinner with Joe, Anne and Katie. Sat. a pick nick in Tuckahoe park. Sat night we baby sat with Katie, Anne and Joe went out on the town for their sixth Anniversary. Sunday we did the Cherry Blossoms at 7am and there were thousands of people there with us. Yard work the rest of the day. Sun night dinner at Jim and Jane’s. Great time playing with Katie with all 4 grand parents spoiling her at once. Great food great time.

New beers from the Arlington Dailey’s. From Clipper City Brewery in Baltimore, MD, a Heavy Seas Pale Ale and a Heavy Seas Gold Ale. From Christian Moerlein Brewery in Cincinnati, OH. a Emancipator Doppelbock and a Friend of an Irishman Stout. A new one from our friends at Yuengling a Bock Beer. From Sherwood Forest Brewing in Marlborough, MA. a Friars Belgian Style White Ale and a Sheriffs IPA, from Sweet Water Brewing in Atlanta, GA. a Georgia Brown and a 420 Extra Pale Ale. From Abita Brewing in Abita Springs, LA. a Red Ale.

Are we broke from the health Care Plan Yet? Where did all this fricken water come from? When did North Providence became Dodge City? Who ya picking for Governor? Is Joe Garrity still available? If you get tossed as a Senator can you get elected as Governor? Caprio is my guy but what the hell do I know? The Mayor as US Rep?
Who’s in that race? Is Don Carcieri meaner than Dick Chaney? Who is buying those new Toyotas? Had to use up all my ?s before they expired!

Other beers picked up in Florida. From Primo Brewing and Malting Co. in Honolulu, HI. a Island Lager. From those nice people at Shiner Texas a Kosmos Reserve.

On the porch upon our arrival home found the following from Phil Howell. From Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego, CA. a 22 oz. Sculpin IPA. From Harpoon Brewing in Boston, MA. a Leviathan Imperial Red. And from those crazies at Flying Dog a Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA.

Baseball News: The last two weeks flew by as we had visitors right up till the last 3 games. Did not get into any major trouble. Stayed in Right Field for remainder of games. Ticket taker only once more. Tom the bad tooth ticket taker called in sick when he saw that I was assigned there. Got to relieve all the other ushers once the game started. so I got a taste of every position. Have been invited back for next year by Tracee with a guarantee of all games as an usher! Will keep my options open as I have an offer to go to the Red Sox. The O’s will have their new park next year. The Sox the year after. Sarasota is a much better local than FT. Myers. But if I could be the usher for the Green Monster Seats at the new Mini Fenway that might be fun. Decisions! Decisions!

Been working in the BBHOF gardens for the last 4 days and things appear to be about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of last year. That could slow down if the weather turns cold.

THE 2010 BBHOF DUSTING OF THE BOTTLES WILL BE SATURDAY JULY 3rd AT 6PM. That date as always was determined by availability of the Arlington Daileys. Fireworks were procured in South Carolina. New gardens have been dug. The Kobe beef is ageing. The lobsters have been requested. Yuengling will be featured. The police detail is set. Parking will be in the south lot. Entertainment TBA.

I must go now to work in the BBHOW. Have about 30 bottles from the winter to enshrine and about a dozen six pack art pieces to go up on the ceiling. The O’s are a terrible base ball team.

Enjoy Little Eva

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