Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010, There are 2,041 bottles in the BBHOF

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The BBHOF Newsletter: 90% of the Truth 90% of the Time!

Hi! How you doing? Free the Killer Whale! Put the trainers back in the water! Good for Canada! It must suck, living next door to us eh! Now you and hockey go away for 4 more years! Patrick and Link never had a real job! I am the worst golfer in Sarasota! Soldiers are still dying over there! I buy a Camry when the Head Jap falls on his sword! Shelter Harbor is a good flick! I found myself with a surplus of !!!s this month!

New beers from the Beer of the Month Club via Arlington, VA. Dailey’s From Saranac Brewing Company a Black and Tan Stout And a IPA. From Chock Beer Company in Krebs, OK. A Basement Batch Pale Ale and a Miner Mishap Black Lager.

Coldest winter in the history of Florida and I am paying big bucks to be near the beach and have a pool. Go figure. But we will have the most visitors this year. Go figure again. Iron Mike Cunningham, with his new stint in his artery donated the following. Magic Hat Odo Motion Winter 09. From Michelob a Shock top Wheat and a Stone Mill Organic Pale Ale. From Red Hook a Long Hammer IPA. From Michigan Brewing in Webberville, MI. a IPA and a Celis Grand Cru.

Opening day for the Orioles today. We almost got cut before the first pitch. Orientation on Feb.24th. We get our work schedules. Not good. I am assigned only 11 games and have been busted to ticket taker. I mean, how am I to send back witty vignettes about the crazy doings behind the scenes of spring training? Not only that but they got Mrs, Dailey working different days. Humming a few bars of “Take this job and shove it” I approach the new Baby Boss Tracee Krump and ask if she can somehow modify the schedule so that we can both work the same days, more days and restore me to my usher position. Baby Boss looks confused and states “I just put the names into the computer and that’s how they came out, some people have 8 games and the ushers jobs went to the people who worked here for the Reds”. After 4 other couples voiced the same concern the light dawned and she said she would have a do-over. I bit my lip and did not strangle this child. Next day get a call from the Bubbling Baby Boss saying all has been resolved and we both are now working 15 games as ticket takers. Well this is progress. What about the usher position, I ask. Oh, she forgot. But one couple quit rather than work only 8 games let me get back to you. Next day Baby Boss calls. OK Mr. Dailey You get to usher 11 games and rip tickets for 5 games. Done Deal! Thank you Tracee for going out of the way for us. No problem. You worked all those years in Ft. Lauderdale and we are glad to have you here in Sarasota. We report for duty 10am today. O’s V Ray’s. Stay tuned!

The Traveling Bellayutos came east for the cruise and donated the following from MDII in Monroe, WI a Piedmont Porter, a Berkshire Springs Stock Ale, a Tejas Bock and a Hole in the rock Marzen.

Bang the Drum Slowly for Central Falls Teachers who have all been fired without cause because the school is underperforming. This “Last Resort” is a result of the failure of a inner city school where the poverty level of 90% of the students is way below the norm. How do you educate students who do not come to school? The failure is societal. Fix the poverty, fix the racism, fix the system. They have a mad women running the asylum! Labor should hang it’s collective heads for letting this come to pass. Either cave in and meet the demands, negotiate a just deal or get just as nuclear and pull every teacher in RI out, every teacher in New England out and the nation! I know, not gonna happen. But an old Anarchist can dream. And educators are not Wobblies, or Teamsters, or Mine workers.

From Phil Howell, the East Side Insider a Troegs Nugget Nectar Imperial Amber from Harrisburg, PA and from Laughing Dog Brewery in Ponderay, ID. The Dog Farther Imperial Stout.

Everybody tells me Obama is in trouble! From Who? Rush or the Dimwit from Alaska?

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work I go now to supplement my income at the ball park.

Enjoy Arthur and the Van Delays!

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